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This template gives a time in seconds for a block to be broken.

Parameters[editovat zdroj]

  • {{{1}}}: The block to be broken.
  • {{{2}}}: The tool used. Can be "Diamond", "Iron", "Gold", "Stone", "Wooden", "Sword", or "Shears". Defaults to "Any".
  • {{{drop}}}: Lowest grade required for a drop, can be "Diamond", "Iron", "Gold", "Stone", "Wooden", or "None". Defaults to "Any".
  • {{{var}}}: If set, the hardness will be set to the variable you determine. Otherwise, it will define the variable "hardness" to the {{hardness values}} of {{{1}}}.

Examples[editovat zdroj]

*{{Breaking time|Obsidian}}
*{{Breaking time|Obsidian|drop=Diamond}}
*{{Breaking time|Obsidian|Iron}}
*{{Breaking time|Obsidian|Iron|drop=Diamond}}
*{{Breaking time|Obsidian|Diamond}}
*{{Breaking time|Obsidian|Diamond|drop=Diamond}}
  • 75
  • 250
  • 12.5
  • 41.666667
  • 9.375
  • 9.375