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This is the documentation page, it should be transcluded into the main template page. See Template:Documentation for more information

This template is used to close a discussion of a proposal (such as a merge or move) after it has run a decent length of time, and either has not enough consensus to perform the action, or the action was completed.

Usage[editovat zdroj]

Substitute this template above and below the discussion to be closed. If the template is not substituted, the page will be put into Category:Pages with templates requiring substitution

The first unnamed parameter can be set to determine the type of discussion, common types are "move", "merge", or "split". If this parameter is set to foot, it will add the footer content used below (which is currently just a </div> tag, so it could just be typed in directly).

The second unnamed parameter can be set to the result of the discussion. If unset, it defaults to the value of the first parameter.