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Used to standardize references to controls and their default values.

Parameters[editovat zdroj]

Parameter Display
attack, attacking, attacked
hit, hitting
destroy, destroys, destroying, destroyed
left click
mine, mining, mined
break, breaking, broken
chop, chop at, chopping, chopped
dig, dig at, digging, dug
holding left click
pick block, picking block, pick blocking middle click
use item, using, use, used, uses
place block, placing, place, placed
right click
move, moving
walk, walking
W, A, S or D
strafe, strafing A or S
walk forwards, forward, forwards W
strafe left, left A
walk backwards, back, backward, backwards
strafe right, right D
jump, jumping
swim, swimming
space bar
sneak, sneaking
crouch, crouching
sprint, sprinting CTRL
inventory E
drop item, drop, dropped Q
open chat, chat
open command, command /
swap item in hand, swap item, swap items, swapping item, swapping items F
advancements tab, advancement, advancements L
load toolbar, loading toolbar, load toolbar activator, loading toolbar activator X
save toolbar, saving toolbar, save toolbar activator, saving toolbar activator O
list players TAB
take screenshot, screenshot F2
1st person view, 3rd person view, 1st person, 3rd person
change perspective, toggle perspective
full screen, fullscreen F11
#default no default

Example[editovat zdroj]

Meanwhile, {{control|loading toolbar}} can be used to re-equip the saved items. Then, you can {{control|save toolbar|text=save other items}}. But you won't be able to {{control|drop all items}}.


Meanwhile, loading toolbar can be used to re-equip the saved items. Then, you can save other items. But you won't be able to backflip.

If a control has no default button, the page is added to Category:Missing default control.