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This is the documentation page, it should be transcluded into the main template page. See Template:Documentation for more information

This template is used to provide additional information for uploaded files.

Whenever the author information is missing, the file is added to Category:Files without an author waiting to be corrected.

The original version of this template can be found at Wikipedia.

Usage[editovat zdroj]

| description = 
| source      = 
| date        = 
| author      = 
| permission  = 
| other_versions = 

Syntax description[editovat zdroj]

  • description: Description of the content, background and such.
  • source: Use "Own work" for an original media file. Otherwise, provide the website (with both a link to the page embedding the file and a direct link to the file itself).
  • date: Date of creation, or date of publication.
  • author: Author(s) of the image. If no individual person known use the name of the institution(s) that released the file.
  • permission: Short description of the permission for use granted by the copyright holder.

Example[editovat zdroj]

Example (from File:Rana.png):


Image of the removed mob "Rana".


Taken from Youtube video, then redrawn and heavily optimised.


Somewhere in December 2009


"pookaguy1" (?) Original creator of Rana is Hayden "Dock" Scott-Baron.


See below.