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This sound file is under copyright.
In agreement with C418, Minecraft sounds are allowed to be hosted on the wiki.
All music must be shortened to the first 30 seconds. "11" is the only exception.
Sounds are available under the Freesound project.
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This template should be used on any music or sound files from Minecraft.

Usage[editovat zdroj]

This template can be automatically added to a file on upload by selecting This file is music or a sound from Minecraft from the licensing drop-down menu.

Alternatively, this template can be manually added to a file by pasting this code under the file's summary (if it has one) and above any categories.

== Licensing ==
{{license C418}}

Files using this template are automatically added to the Soundtrack category. Adding |music adds the file to Music and |sound to Sound effects.

{{license C418|music}}
{{license C418|sound}}

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