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This template should outputs a table of Mods, with data gathered from the usage of Template:Mod on those mods' pages.

A simple example that would show all mods that are in Category:Environment Mods

{{ Mod table
| category = Environemnt Mods
| show author = y

Full list of usable parameters:

{{ Mod table
| category = 
| category2 =
| category3 =
| notcategory =
| titlematch =
| notitlematch =
| show author =
| show forum =
| show version =

Parameters[editovat zdroj]

category, category2, category3
Optional. Selects only the mods from the given categories. Titlematch can match multiple titles if they are separated by broken bar (¦) characters, which can be inserted with {{subst:broken bar}}.
Optional. Filters out mods from the given categories.
show author
Optional. Show/hide the author column. If shown, backgrounds are no longer colored by profession. Possible values: y, n (default: n)
show forum
Optional. Show/hide the forum column. Possible values: y, n (default: n)
show version
Optional. Show/hide the version column. Possible values: y, n (default: n)
inner format
Optional. The subpagename of the template used in formatting the bulk of each row. (default: "row format", which specifies Template:Mod/row format)
color scheme