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This template uses Module:Sprite, a script written in Lua.
Please see wp:Lua and mw:Extension:Scribunto to learn more.

This templates creates a page link with an associated sprite image on the left side using the IDs from Template:Mods/Ex Nihilo/ItemSprite. The sprite can be customized with the parameter id if it's not recognized correctly.

Examples[editovat zdroj]

Code Result
{{Mods/Ex Nihilo/ItemLink|Broken Aluminum Ore}}
Broken Aluminum Ore
{{Mods/Ex Nihilo/ItemLink|Pulverized Iron Ore}}
Pulverized Iron Ore
{{Mods/Ex Nihilo/ItemLink|Creepy Doll}}
Creepy Doll
{{Mods/Ex Nihilo/ItemLink|id=Porcelain Clay|Clay}}

Full list[editovat zdroj]

Here is a full list of items: Chyba Lua v modulu ...ribunto/includes/engines/LuaCommon/lualib/mwInit.lua na řádku 23: bad argument #1 to 'old_ipairs' (table expected, got nil).

See also[editovat zdroj]

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