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This template is used to indicate support for operating systems of a software by displaying one or more icons.

Usage[editovat zdroj]

The unnamed parameters can be set to a name to display that icon. Up to seven icons can be displayed in a single call of this template. For a full list of available icons, see {{OS/switch}}

Examples[editovat zdroj]

Code Result
{{OS|web}} Crossplatform (Web-based)
{{OS|win|linux|mac}} WindowsLinuxmacOS
{{OS|android|ios|fire os|winphone|win10|gearvr|appletv}} AndroidiOSFire OSWindows PhoneWindows 10Gear VRApple TV
{{OS|xbox 360|xbox one|playstation 3|playstation 4|playstation vita|wii u|nswitch}} Xbox 360Xbox OnePlaystation 3Playstation 4Playstation VitaWii UNintendo Switch