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This template is used to create a simple note stating that a feature is exclusive to a certain version.

Parameters[editovat zdroj]

This template takes one or two parameters, from the following values:

Java edice
pocket Pocket edice
console Console edice

The first parameter is required, and the second is optional and will cause the template to display two editions.

Depending on the edition(s) indicated, this template will put the page into:

Usage[editovat zdroj]

Example.{{only|java}} → Example.‌[Pouze Java edice]

Example.{{only|computer}} → Example.‌[Pouze Java edice]

Example.{{only|pocket}} → Example.‌[Pouze Bedrock edice]

Example.{{only|pocket|console}} → Example.‌[Pouze Bedrock a Konzolová edice]

Other tag templates[editovat zdroj]

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