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This template is used, in a similar manner as {{Citation needed}}, to mark references to upcoming features. To mark a page or a sentence about upcoming features, use {{snapshot}} instead.

This template will put the page into Category:Upcoming.

Additionally, if the ver or until parameter is present, using a Pocket Edition version will put the page into Category:Pocket Edition upcoming tag‎, and using a Java Edition version will put the page into Category:Java Edition upcoming tag‎.

Parameters[editovat zdroj]

  • {{{1}}}: The content to display. Defaults to this: [upcoming]
  • {{{nocat}}}: Set this to not use the category, useful on information being transcluded, the category can then be added using <noinclude>
  • {{{ver}}}: Set this to a version to change the link and display the version number after "upcoming". Displays like so: [upcoming 1.12]
  • {{{until}}}: Same as {{{ver}}}, except states that something is going to be removed in the future. Displays like so: [until 1.12]

Examples[editovat zdroj]

Example.{{upcoming}} → Example.[upcoming]

Example.{{upcoming|ver=1.12}} → Example.[upcoming 1.12]

Example.{{upcoming|until=1.12}} → Example.[until 1.12]

Other tag templates[editovat zdroj]

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