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This template is intended for use when a historical event is referred to, but doesn't mention any reference to when.

Usage[editovat zdroj]

This template can simply be added after the statement to verify.

The parameter {{{1}}} can be set to add a title to display, such as to describe what needs verification. If unset, it will display the name of the talk page.

Clicking on the link directs to the talk page of the page that the template was added to, where any discussion of the question should be raised and conducted. If there is no current talk page, the link will be red.

Articles including the template also adds the page to Category:When.

Examples[editovat zdroj]

Example.{{when}} → Example.[when?]

Example.{{when|It was before version 0.14.0, but when?}} → Example.[when?]

Other tag templates[editovat zdroj]

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